On the 20th March 2003, in a ‘dark’ theatre in London’s West End, Bock & Vincenzi presented:

invisible dances…from afar:
a show that will never be shown
With texts by Fiona Templeton, James Brown, Rose English and
Martin Hargreaves
Photographs by Henrik Thorup Knudsen
Designed by Lewis Nicholson.

In the empty auditorium sat just one person: the poet and theatre maker Fiona Templeton (The Watcher). As she watched, she recorded her experience of this extraordinary 2-hour long performance, so that an audience might later hear it on the telephone. The nine performers knew that if they stopped performing their audience would have nothing to describe and that if she stopped talking that the show would disappear. James Brown (The Medium) was invited to investigate and record the presence of a spirit audience in the theatre building during the performance. Outside the auditorium sat artist Rose English (The Witness), writing about hearing but not seeing the performance. A fourth person, Henrik Thorup Knudsen (The Photographer) documented the entire show from the back of the stage.
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ISBN: 0-9524337-1-0
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The publication invisible dances was developed in tandem with a series of live performances, installations, artworks and a sound work for telephone, presented over the past two years.

Supported by Media Arts Projects and Dance4, with financial support by Arts Council England.
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Choreographer/dancer Frank Bock & director/designer Simon Vincenzi have worked together since 1996. They have drawn together a broad range of collaborators – dancers, actors, performance artists, composers, magicians, and filmmakers – to create a series of unique and uncompromising theatre-dance works. Over the last five years they have been researching and developing a body of work under the title of invisible dances… in which memory, communication, death and disappearance have been recurring themes.


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