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                        Dec 11 07        The Medead (concert version)

                                          Belladonna Series, Dixon Place, 258 Bowery, NYC, 7:30 pm


                                          A Belladonna Serieschapbook also appearing:



Recent Publications

                        06                           Mum in Airdrie (poems)

                               Object Permanence Publications, Glasgow, Scotland


Online recording:    Monologues from The Medead

                               originally recorded for WKCR, Dec 02

                                                   now up at PennSound’s new site


Book (collaboration):                    

                        04                           Invisible Dances (text)
                                                     for a work by Bock & Vincenzi


Book:          03             Delirium of Interpretations (play)
                                                  Green Integer Press, Los Angeles



=article by Caroline Bergvall on Cells of Release, Jacket Magazine #26

=translations into French from The Medead by Abigail Lang, #4 of, Paris 2004

=Chain, interview/collaboration with Sarah Riggs re L’Ile - Honolulu/New York/Philadelphia 2004

=“Foreshadowing and after blows – on The Medead”, article by Geraldine Harris, Studies in Theatre & Performance, Exeter 2004

=Call/review #1, New York 2003

=Factorial #2, Kawasaki/SanDiego/Bloomington, 2003

=NO – A Journal of the Arts #1, New York 2003

=How2 (online article by Dell Olsen), Rutgers NJ 2003



Some Recent Performance

            Nov 07:                                          365 Days/365 Plays - week 51

                                                                                   by Suzan-Lori Parks

                       various locations in NYC


            Jan 07:                                                         Wake up and Hide

                                                                                        by Gary Stevens

                         Matt’s Gallery, London



            Apr 06:                                                               Medea in Aia

                                                                                 (Part 1 of The Medead)

                   at 15 Nassau, New York City

                                                         (Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Swing Space)                                         


            Dec 05:                                                         The Later Medead

                                           (Medea in Corinth, Medea in Athens, Medea returns)

                                          At The Tramway, Glasgow, Scotland -

                                                                     Sections 4,5 & 6 from The Medead epic


            Dec 05:                                                            The Art of Relations

                                                                       (workshops in audience interaction)

                                                             Chisenhale Dance Space, London


            May 05:                                                Sickness or Modern Women

                                                             by recent Nobel prizewinner Elfriede Jelinek

                                                 Reading of play, translated & directed by Fiona Templeton

                    With Anna Kohler, Scott Shepherd, Black-Eyed Susan, Laurena Allen, Randolph C Rand, Lenora Champagne

                                                                                 Martin Segal Center, CUNY


            April & June 05:                      Invisible Dances (Bock & Vincenzi)

                                                                           a show that will never be shown

                                                performed by 9 performers at a “dark” west end theatre

                                          and only knowable through Fiona Templeton’s 2-hour description

                                                         Dance Umbrella & Nott Dance, & Venice Biennial


            March 05:                                Medea on the Argo, Medea in Corinth

                                           Work-in-progress showings as part of Mabou Mines/Suite residency

                                                                                Mabou Mines Theatre, New York


            Dec 04 – March 05:                              Thought/Death

                                               December 9, 2004 - March 19, 2005

                                          Solo performance 1981 - Excerpts in the video program of East Village USA

                                                                   New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York


            December 03                                            L’Ile (The Island)
                         December 12-21, 2003, à l’heure bleue (dawn and dusk), Lille, France
                                           A new site-specific citywide play by individual appointment only
                        a live game – 30+ performers, 50+ sites, based on the dreams of the people of Lille
                                 commissioned for the opening of Lille Capitale Culturelle Européenne 2004

                                                                        Coming soon – interactive web document