YOU - The City

an intimate citywide play for an audience of one

by Fiona Templeton

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"It was no dream. I had simply stepped into another world that looked, shook and smelled like Times Square" C. Carr, Village Voice

YOU-The City was a play attended by one person at a time. By appointment only, a prospective client showed up at One Times Square and said to the doorman, "I'm looking for you." This was the beginning of a two-hour journey through the public and private places of midtown Manhattan, meeting a series of about 15 individuals, all of whom seemed to know something about "you". A church, a peepshow, a playground, an apartment, pushed into the back of a car and driven off alone with even the cabbie in on the inside of your head.

You've seen the movies that ripped it off. Now read the book.


Assistant director: Michael Ratomski

Cast: Kachin Kobayashi, Aurora Stiffel-Berman, Barbara McKechnie, Sharon Goldstein, Janet Giangrasse, Mary McLeod, Greg Arciniega, Luis Francia, Michael Buscemi, Cecil Hedigan, Rosemarie Hochschild, Nevenka Koprivsek, Randy Miles, Ana Martinez, George Trahanis, Thomas JF Regan III, Martin Burton, Steve Buscemi, Jackie Mulvey, Glen Venezio

Barbara McKechnie 


New York City

Greg Arciniega, photos Zoe Beloff 

In spring 2001 Rotterdam Cultural Capital of Europe Festival presented a new and extended version of JIJ- De Stadt (Dutch for YOU-The City). This was a production of the Festival and the Rotterdamse Schouwburg (City Theatre), involving the collaboration of the main Rotterdam theatre companies:  the Ro Theater, the Onafhankelijk Toneel (Independent Theater), Bonheur, and JeugdTheater Hofplein. Fiona Templeton directed in collaboration with Rotterdam directors Fred Van Der Hilst, Ton Lutgerink, Pieter Loef and Ellen Van Rossum.

Cast: Winnifred Pena, Esther Scheldwacht, Joop Keesmat, Loes Vos, Ali Cifteci, Paul Kooi, Fania Sorel, Arjan Schoolderman, Maureen Versprille, Marijke Copper, Ferdi Janssen, Marieke van Leewen, Ruurt De Maasschalk, Paul Van Soest, Ton Pompert, Sanne Krijger, Evelien Schotsman.


Rotterdam 2001

details to come

"Seamlessly directed. Worthy of MI5 or the CIA." Pamela Zeplin, High Performance

Produced by LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre), summer 1989. Assistant director: Michael Ratomski. Production management Nicky Childs at Arts Admin.












Sakuntala Ramanee, photo Adrian Morris



Colin White, The London Independent

Na Tvojem Mestu.

A production of Gledalisce Glej, Ljubljana, Slovenia, March-October 1990. Translation by Zdrauc Dusa, codirected with Nevenka Koprivsek and Michael Ratomski 



Andrej Rozman, photo Tone Stojko 



Jij-De Stadt.

A co-production of Mickery Amsterdam and Het Gebeuren, The Hague, spring 1990. Translation by Maarten Kaster and Lex Bohlmeijer. Co-director Michael Ratomski. Assistant directors Jan Zoet and Lex Bohlmeijer.


Emil Jansen, photo Bob Van Dantzig


Den Haag

Du-Die Stadt

in German and Swiss. Produced by the Zürich Theater Spektakel, 1990. Translated by Markus Luchsinger. Co-directors Michael Ratomski and Lex Bohlmeijer.



Dan Wiener, photo Christian Altorfer 



Du-Die Stadt

in German. Produced by Beck Forum and Hahn-Molitor, 1991. Co-directors Michael Ratomski and Lex Bohlmeijer.

The production won the Tageszeitung München (Daily Newspaper) Rose of the Week, and the Abendzeitung München (Evening Newspaper) Star of the Week and Star of the Year for Theatre 1991.


Monika Manz 



The book of YOU-The City, with photographs and production notes, published by Roof Books, 1990, is available at

 Roof  Books

or in the UK at

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